Thursday, June 23, 2011

A More Light Hearted Novel Idea

This one is planned as a more typical, at least in the past, spaceships and rayguns sort of SF. The idea is that after a technological decline that as far as anyone knows happened throughout the interstellar society, a group is the first to set out and re explore the galaxy. The original idea came out of a roleplaying campaign I planned with some friends, but it moved beyond that as a story in my head. The characters are a little atypical as explorers, as they are more successful businesspeople than anything else. This one is planned to be a more typical novel or, if successful, a series of novels.
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My idea for a serious hard SF novel

More a series of short stories, and I haven't decided on a name yet, but my plan is to have a world where Mecha are the main, and almost only tools of war on a planet that has suffered a major technological decline as compared with society in general.

It will start off with the founding of the colony, and how that goes horribly wrong, followed by the development of a planetary society and their eventual reconnecting with the rest of the universe.

It is initially planned as very much hard SF, using technology and thought processes that make sense and stand up to at least some serious scrutiny. It won't be perfect most likely, as nothing really is, but at least it will be the best I can do at this time.
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Anything at all

From now on this is going to be my place to post just about anything at all that I feel like writing about during the day. Don't expect this to be anything but my drafts workspace for more focused blogs.

View it as a preview space for other, more focused and interesting blogs.
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